Thank you for visiting the Robert Barham Family Funeral Home website. We are Meridian's locally, family owned, independent funeral home.

We have served the Meridian area for over 30 years. Bob, O.C., Bill, Ruth, Bruce and Sharon Barham, along with Sally Wilkinson, Greer Goldman, Christine Persson, Beth Obenhaus, Ben Rose, Scott Morgan, Sy Runnels, and Stella McMahan, stand ready to serve you.

Bob Barham

Our Founder

Robert (Bob) Barham opened Robert Barham Family Funeral in March of 2008. Bob worked for O. C. Barham Funeral Home for over 20 years. O. C. Barham Funeral home was sold in 1997. Bob managed the funeral home until leaving in February of 2008 to open his funeral home. He along with his father, O. C. and brothers, Bill and Bruce, are now serving families at their new location. Ruth Barham, Sally Wilkinson, Beth Obenhaus, Sy Runnels., and Stella McMahan are also part of the staff at Robert Barham Family Funeral Home.

Recent Obituaries

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d. 03/25/2015
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d. 03/25/2015
Charles Smith, Jr.
d. 03/24/2015
Virginia Smith
d. 03/23/2015
James Billings
d. 03/21/2015
Sam Roberts
d. 03/20/2015
Anne Jellenc
d. 03/20/2015
Jonathan Hester
d. 03/19/2015
Charles Roberts
d. 03/17/2015
Sally Brown
d. 03/17/2015
Larinda Payne
d. 03/16/2015
Carolyn Joyner
d. 03/15/2015
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